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Biblical Signs That a Mega Earthquake and WW3 is Coming!

Jesus said in the Bible that there will be signs that will foretell the end of the age. Although there are many, the two main signs Jesus mentioned were wars and rumors of wars, and earthquake in diverse places. He also referred to these as birth pains, which are warnings, that will give way to something much larger and sinister to take place during the hour of tribulation.

Jesus described the birth pains of the wars and earthquakes as only the beginning of sorrows, but the end is not yet. He described these events as birth pains because it is likened to a woman who is about to give birth to a child. The labor pains start out very mild and far apart, but as time goes by, they get closer together with greater intensity. This is what is happening in the world today as far as the threats of wars and the earthquakes are concerned.

He also said when you see these things, look up for your redemption draws neigh. This means the tribulation is about to begin and the rapture of the church is about to take place. When the intensity of the war and earthquake situation gets so bad, that it seems like there is no way out, then we know the time is here. But is it that time now?

A few weeks back, California experienced 2 moderate earthquakes in a two week period alone. These earthquakes were followed by 100 aftershocks that occurred over a coarse of 2 days. Shortly after that, Chile had a major earthquake with 33 aftershocks.

The threat of war has also been increasing in intensity. Recently, Russia invaded the Ukraine and took over Crimea. Now they are on the border threatening to invade Eastern Ukraine. Syria continues to block off entire villages withholding food and water from their citizens while the government continues to use chemical weapons, even though they were warned not to. Iran and Pakistan are reportedly doing military drills in the strait of Hormuz, threatening the worlds oil supply. North Korea repeatedly fires off missiles into the sea as a threat to South Korea. Gaza terrorists continue to fire missiles into Israel, while Lebanon receives air strikes for making and exporting these bombs.

It is apparent that these birth pains are here for these two major events foretold in the Bible, but what are these events and when will they come?

The earthquakes and threats of war happening now will give way to the birth of a worldwide earthquake at the time of the rapture and tribulation, and the battle of Armageddon at the time of tribulation, which is the war of all wars.

This Mega quake that is coming will happen twice and will be a world wide earthquake that will happen at the time of the rapture and during the 6th seal mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Since this quake is world wide, it will trigger fault lines along its path, causing many other earthquakes. It will also trigger a multiple tsunami effect that will have the power to wipe out coastal cities and put them under water. Volcanoes will erupt world wide, including the super volcanoes, like the one at Yellowstone.

When the super volcanoes erupt, there will be darkness and devastation. Thick clouds of ash will settle on the ground causing a thick blanket that will choke out much of the vegetation and wildlife. Living things will die from suffocation and from the polluted water as well as the lack of food. The ash will be carried with the wind current taking it thousands of miles across the United States. It will block out the sun causing a nuclear winter. Ash will fall like snow and pile up in feet, the temperatures will also be much colder, making it that much more impossible for crops to grow.

These small wars taking place now, will give birth to the battle of Armageddon which will happen during the second half of the tribulation. This battle is so horrific, it will be the worst thing ever seen on the fact of the earth. The Bible says there will be so much blood that it will go up to the horses bridles. There will be so many dead bodies that it will take 7 years to bury them all.

Now that we know what is coming during the tribulation hour, its best to be prepared. The only way to be safe and to escape all of this is the ask Jesus into your heart and to save you from your sins. He promised to save his people from the tribulation hour that is soon to come. And he will save anyone who has repented and is willing to turn away from their sins. So ask Jesus into your heart today before its too late!

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