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Signs of the times: So-called 'rolling coal trucks'

Articles claims 'coal rolling trucks' intend to annoy extreme environmentalists
Articles claims 'coal rolling trucks' intend to annoy extreme environmentalists

I saw a head line earlier today from a column of an examiner colleague that I read regularly titled “Anti-environmentalists antagonize with rolling coal trucks” and it got my attention. I thought, I've never heard truck powered by coal so what could that be, I had to click the article and read it to find out. The article and accompanying video reports that some owners of diesel trucks allegedly have their engines modified to emit clouds of billowing and dark exhaust. And they are supposedly doing this just to annoy extreme environmentalists, one truck owner in the video had done this and had decorated on the back window in huge letters, the words “Prius Repellant.” If he had crossed paths with this obnoxious Prius driver, one might understand why he might want to smoke out (literally) Prius drivers.

I would have thought the story is probably a good hoax served on the news outlet that made the video, but for the fact that I saw one of these things a few days ago. I was going to the store here locally and about 200 yards ahead of me a large double-cabin diesel pickup truck turns out into the highway, and slams on the pedal to accelerate and his tailpipe emit a large cloud of thick, dark black diesel exhaust. I thought maybe his engine just wasn't tuned right and was emitting excessive exhaust. Little did I know it was probably set that way, his cloud of black smoke wasn't aimed at me or anyone behind him; I suspect he was just doing it to show everyone seeing him that he could do it.

The video accompanying that article claimed some trucks owners have spend between $500 to $5000 to modify their vehicles to turn the into “rolling coal trucks” and emit all that excessive exhaust. I still find it amazing someone would do this just to annoy environmental extremists, although I admit they can be very annoying just like that obnoxious Prius-driving moonbat I linked in the video above, but it's even tough to believe that anyone would spend that kind of money to do this. I suspect some have spent small amounts of money to have their mechanic just adjust the tuning of their engines to put out the big cloud of smoke. I can't see anyone spending $5000 to do this. That's just too tough to fathom.

But it is a sign of the times. The far left is getting more and more brazen, and more in your face, about their agenda and their growing belief that they are a majority and think they actually run this country now that we've elected the far left Barack Obama as president in the last two elections. So those on the politically correct far left, including extremist environmentalists, are getting more and more in-your-face about things. As this continues to happen more, citizens annoyed by them will do more to annoy them. Perhaps even serving up clouds of black smoke for them. Ironically, many on the far left are always pushing to expansion of public transit programs. And other than the largest cities that have underground subway systems, expanding public transit programs means putting more buses on the streets of our communities. And ever transit bus I've even driven behind cranks out far more black diesel exhaust than any “rolling coal truck.”

If the do-gooder liberal pabulum pukers want to ban “rolling coal trucks” on the basis of the pollution, they should start with banning diesel-power transit buses and replacing most 18-wheeler trucks with environmentally friendly and energy efficient freight trains. Don't expect ideas like that from your local liberal leaders any times soon, they don't want solutions, they want issues they can play politics with instead and try to gain more power in the next election. If it wasn't a good election time issue, we'd probably not have heard of rolling coal trucks either.

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