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Signs of Early Pregnancy

It's Positive!
It's Positive!
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Sometimes long before women get that positive pregnancy test, there are signs and symptoms we overlook that can really be a hint that we are expecting.

Some of these signs are pretty obvious, but others may not be as apparent to those who are new to the pregnancy and parenting game.

Some of the signs of early pregnancy include :

  • Tender Breasts

  • Fatigue/Tiredness

  • Implantation bleeding or slight spotting in between cycles

  • Delay of your period, or no period at all

  • Nausea better known as Morning Sickness

  • Headaches

  • Backaches

Some women also include food cravings, or darkening of the areola as some early symptoms of pregnancy. Being sure to get a lot of rest, taking time for yourself, and keeping a well balanced diet although you may not feel hungry, or want to eat is important during this time. It will help you to feel less run down.

Some women also fly through these weeks without a hitch. All pregnancies and women are different.

Getting prenatal care, as well as prenatal vitamins during this time is also important, so contact your prenatal care provider to set up an appointment for a check up, and to establish your care.

Happy pregnancy!


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