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Signs He is in Love With You

You started dating a new guy and it is getting pretty serious. You are starting to fall heard over heels in love for him. Does he feel the same way? Here are ways to tell if the guy you can't stop thinking about feels the same way about you:

1) He doesn't care what he does as long as he spends time with you. Guys really don't like girly movies so if he is watching them with you it means he is into you. Just make sure you do what he wants to do too. Show him you care by going to a game now and then.

2) He drops his buddies to hang out with you. Guys love guy time. If he wants to spend more time with you than his friends he is definitely falling for you.

3) He calls you for no reason and contacts you a lot. When someone contacts you it means that they are thinking of you. When he contacts you more than you contact him he is definitely into you.

4) He introduces you to his family and friends. You only meet each others family and friends when it is serious. If he can't wait to introduce people close to him to you and doesn't hide you, he is definitely falling for you.

5) He can't take his eyes off of you. He doesn't pay attention to any other girl or flirt with any other girl in front of you. He shows you that he is loyal to you.

6) He listens to what you have to say. Most guys are really bad when it comes to remembering things. It's a good sign when he hangs onto every word you say.

At the beginning of a relationship it could be hard to tell weather or not a guy cares for you. It can be especially hard if you have been hurt many times before. Love is out there and there are good guys out there. Just remember actions speak louder than words.

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