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Signs and symptoms of serious illnesses in felines

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Karla Kirby

Like people, cats get a “bug” and are over it in a day or two. Still there are germs that can make your cat seriously ill. Some encompass problems spread by ticks, fleas or are even airborne. Always keep a close vigil and look for these signs.

Fleas: Notorious pests that they tiny guys are, fleas can cause irksome bites as well skin infections. They also pass on tapeworms to your cat through their bites. Remember, the worst flea problems come this time of year, so don't lay back on the flea protection!

Ticks: Frequently linked with fleas, these miniature nightmares can carry several diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, and Babesia .

Leukemia and Feline AIDS: These viruses are spread from feline to feline, first and foremost by bite wounds. You can avoid them by spaying/ neutering and keeping your cat inside, safe from danger.

Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: This widespread “bug” is in point of fact a viral and bacterial infection. It is principally spread through the air and the most excellent way to prevent it is to have your cat vaccinated and decrease exposure to other sick cats. Another method to avoid respiratory infections in cats is to shun situations where there are lots of animals such as boarding facilities, kennels, and dog parks.

It can’t be stressed enough, the importance of closely watching your cat for any signs of illness. Detecting them early and taking the cat to the veterinarian in a timely manner truly has saved many lives.

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