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Signing venue for all local authors

Marianne Powers
Marianne Powers
Courtesy of Marianne Powers

Saturday afternoon, March 6th, Marianne Powers will be at Page One Bookstore at 3 p.m.signiing copies of her book, Doing the Right Thing.   She'll be there the first Saturday of April, too, and the first Saturday afternoon of nearly every month all year long.

Powers won't be alone, but there won't be a large group of authors.   Shoppers wander in and out, some more interested in beverages in the store's cafe than in books.   Others stop to talk or to buy.  It's a low-stress venue with plenty of time to share marketing tips with other authors and learn the ropes of booksigning.

Officially, the first Saturday event is called Page One's Self-Publishing Fair, but it's open to all small press authors.   The monthly event is part of Page On'es program to support and work with local small press and elf-published authors.

Powers is a regular at the first Saturday signings.   Other authors visit occasionally or hold their first signings there in an author-friendly atmosphere with more experienced authors sharing tips on what to bring to a booksigning, how to promote your books, or how to get store patrons to stop and perhaps buy.

Authors interested in participating show up a few minutes before the event and check their books in with a store employee, who will be waiting at the door to help new authors.   Customers pay at the register, which means they can use credit cards even if the author isn't equipped to take credit cards herself.  At the end of the fair, authors check out at the register and get paid on the spot for the day's sales.