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Signing up for an extra marital affair on New Years Day?

‘Life is short, have an affair’ a New Years resolution? Ashley Madison, a website assisting in marital affairs, says absolutely!

Ashley Madison having a little fun with its advertising
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Reported by the Huffington Post, Ashley Madison received a record 27,500 new members on New Years Day. This is 20.7 percent more than the website received the year before and 344 percent more than the site normally receives on a regular day.

Most expect men to be more likely to sign up on a website assisting married people in having extra marital affairs and 16,507 did just that. But the women were not far behind, with 11,004 also logging in for the first time.

Was the founder of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman, surprised? Not really. He believes the common practice of reflecting during holidays and special occasions can trigger a strong urge to make a change.

During CAVE BEAT interviews, men stated many things which all led to boredom and unhappiness in the relationship as the basis for it. Many experts also cite the same reasons for why women cheat on their partners.

However, for those of you who value your marriage and want to protect it there is hope. There are rules you can follow in order to keep your relationship infidelity proof. Dr. Greg Smalley, Psy D of suggests making a commitment to grow together and the creation of boundaries – drawing a line and staying a safe distance from it. He also suggests being accountable. Accountability is simply being responsible to another person or persons for the commitments you've made. had some other suggested rules to follow and avoiding friends of the opposite sex was #1. They also suggested couples must dare to need each other, partners need well defined roles in a relationship, and acceptance is about appreciating, not settling.

Becoming aware of our choices was another suggested rule to follow. If partners are willing to venture out and have an affair, maybe another choice should be considered instead – Divorce. After all, life is short.

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