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Significant weight loss overnight

Safe, effective, permanent weight loss takes time
Safe, effective, permanent weight loss takes time
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Despite the incredible claims often made by diet authors, equipment manufacturers, and health club marketing teams, significant weight loss (anything over 15 pounds) requires a systematic process in order to insure healthy, permanent weight loss.

It’s true that weight can be taken off quickly with extreme dieting. However, drastic calorie or carbohydrate reduction leads to loss of muscle tissue which leads to a reduction in the number of calories an individual can burn in a day.

For this reason, quick fix diets are temporary at best as the weight will return, often with a few extra to boot.

In addition, it is common when beginning an exercise program to actually gain weight first. By putting stress on the muscle tissue the body is now prompted to fill the muscles with fluids and nutrients for repair and energy stores. Once a certain level of fitness is achieved the program can then be designed for a consistent 1-2 pound per week weight loss until you reach your goal

It will not happen overnight, but a safe, effective, properly designed program with have a dramatic impact that can be permanently maintained for the rest of your life. Patience is a virtue and being truly healthy and fit is without measure. See your local health and fitness professional today to get started on a program that will provide effective, permanent results!


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