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Significant Biblical Sign! Blood Moon and Mars Lined Up On Passover!

Jesus said that in the end days there will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars of his coming. The month of April is showing some surprises as the Moon and Mars are really putting on a spectacular show of Biblical proportions.

On April 8th, Mars was the closet to the earth, making it appear bigger and brighter then it had in over 6 years. But there is also great significance to Mars and a blood moon being a sign of war.

The Planet Mars throughout the ages has always been thought to be associated with war and in the past, each time there was a blood moon over Israel, war broke out. So blood moons were always thought of as a Biblical sign that there would be something significant happening involving Israel. But what happens when you put the two of these signs together, when they would both be appearing side by side?

On April 15th during the blood moon eclipse, Mars will appear right next to the moon, even lined up with it, giving the appearance of two red orbs in the sky. Two signs of war right next to each other, lined up for all the world to see. But there is one more factor to throw into the mix. These two signs of war are also appearing on God's appointed feast day of Passover.

Passover is an appointed time for the Jews to celebrate every year. It is celebrated to remember the Exodus from Egypt. Exodus means to take out of, much like what the meaning of the rapture would be. So Passover in its self, could also be a sign of the imminence of the rapture of the church.

Also while these signs are happening, Russia is stirring up more trouble in the Ukraine, in which John Kerry calls it very disturbing. Pro Russian forces are taking over government buildings in three more cities. Protests and violence are breaking out in the streets due to these forces. John Kerry says this is exactly what happened before Russian entered in to Crimea, and it looks like a new invasion by Russia is imminent! Just in time for the war signs to appear in the sky on Passover, April 15th.

It is apparent through all the signs that are around us, that Jesus is coming soon. He will come back to get his people just as the tribulation hour begins. Get ready, ask Jesus into your heart and ask him go forgive you of your sins so that you also might be saved from what is about to come upon the face of the earth. He promised to save anyone who is willing to turn from their sins, regardless of what they may have done. Don't be left behind, the signs are all here, the tribulation is about to begin, ask Jesus into your heart and get ready for him today!

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