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Significance of the Perfect Red Heifer

The Jews have been preparing for the past 27 years for the rebuilding of the third temple. But even though all preparations are going ahead as scheduled, the actual process of building could not begin without a sign from God. This sign as stated in the Bible, is in the form of a perfect red heifer, which is needed for the cleansing and dedication ceremony of the new temple. Perfect red heifers are rare and for one to be born, is said to be a divine sign from God that the Messiah will soon come!

Perfect red heifers are so rare that only 9 were used for sacrifices throughout all of history. In January of 2014, a red heifer was born on a farm in the US and is said to be without spot or blemish. But what is even more amazing is that these people who have the heifer are raising it according to Jewish law in the hopes that it can be used in the dedication ceremony to the new temple. It is currently 5 months old and when it reaches 6 months, they plan to send the cow to Israel as a gift for this very purpose. Having the perfect specimen is a sign that the temple must be built now.

But to start the sacrificial practice again, means that the age of grace has to be over. This is because when Jesus died on the cross over 2,000 years ago, animal sacrifices had ceased. People were no longer held by the old law as Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. When he died animal sacrifices had ceased and the Holy Spirit came down onto man. This is the age of grace, but with this perfect heifer being found, the sign is now here that the age of grace is just about over.

During the period of grace, this is from the time Jesus died on the cross and the temple was destroyed until now, there was no temple, because a temple was not needed. During the age of grace, all the followers of Christ became the temple of the Lord. God in the form of the Holy Spirit resided within them and they were the temple. But when the age of grace is over, the Holy Spirit leaves the earth along with all those who were the temple of God. This is when the rapture of the church occurs. So the temple or temples will be removed from the earth during this event. This will make way for the building of the physical temple, which will then be needed as a replacement, located in Jerusalem for the coming of Jesus as King of Kings to reign for 1,000 years here on the earth.

When the rapture occurs and the age of grace is over, Israel will once again be under the old law. As once again there will be a physical temple with sacrifices. The red heifer is the go ahead from God to build the temple and it is a sign that the rapture will occur any moment.

Time is short to accomplish this mission so things must progress quickly. The heifer to be used for sacrifice is now 5 months old and will be considered a full grown adult when it reaches about 3 and ½ years old. Since the Bible says it must be a heifer, which is female calf, then there is only around 3 years left to sign and agreement and to get the temple completely built before this heifer becomes an adult cow.

And before a temple can be built, there would have to be a peace agreement in the middle east which would allow the Jews to build the temple on the so called “Temple Mount”. Expect this to happen quickly as God's plans are falling into place.

Netanyahu had said some time ago that it would only take a year to build the temple as all the pieces have been made, the plans have been put into place as well as the groundwork. He said that it would only be a matter of putting the pieces together, like the pieces in a puzzle.

So if this is the red heifer the Jews have long been waiting for as a sign to herald in the Messiah, then things must move rapidly. The peace agreement and rapture must be at the door. God is already preparing the replacement for the current temple, which are the Christians who are about to leave very soon!

But the Bible says when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes upon the whole earth. This is judgment for those who are left behind, a trial unlike anything ever seen before on the face of the earth. Jesus promised to save anyone from the hour trial who have asked forgiveness of their sins and turned away from them. Ask Jesus into your heart and He will save you from that which is about to come. Give your life to Jesus today!

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