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Godzilla versus Postman Pat
Classic Media, RGH Entertainment, Warner Brothers

Godzilla versus Postman Pat is not yet a multi-media title, but perhaps it could be.

For those familiar with both iconic animated properties, comparisons to David and Goliath might come to mind. Which is Goliath? The answer is not so obvious. Both are huge with their respective fan bases.

Whoop ass-ability notwithstanding, the aforementioned virtual stars share common ground, especially during the upcoming summer movie season. To soothe the head scratchers in the audience, here is a list of five shared traits of (post)man and beast.

1) In 2014, both run amok in 3D - England's favorite provincial postman - Postman Pat - enjoys top billing in his first theatrical movie, which unspools soon on the Continent in stereo. On May 23, audiences will be able to see the beloved postie go postal on the big screen. Similarly, Godzilla reanimates and terrorizes live-action humans in a global, Warner Brothers, special effects-heavy, stereoscopic, theatrical release. The reptilian shenanigans surface on May 16 in the U. S. and on May 14 and 15 in other territories.

2) Both have roots in rubber - Postman Pat began his career in a BBC stop motion TV series over 30 years ago. His first incarnation: a bendable puppet. Godzilla began his path to stardom as a Japanese man dressed in a 200 pound, pliable costume.

3) Both conjure warm fuzzy feelings in the United Kingdom - Postman Pat is a British heritage property; in other words, he is a native son and possibly its most famous resident (98% public awareness). The new Godzilla movie hearts the U.K. in different ways: its director Gareth Edwards hails from the Isles, and the world premiere of the film will take place in London.

4) Both boast animated TV series - See item 2 (above) for Postman Pat TV details. Godzilla hatched two traditional 2D animated series: Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla and Sony's Godzilla: The Series.

5) Both are becoming as merchandise - Postman Pat continues to deliver toys and other corresponding merchandise in the retail space. Godzilla spawns top selling collectibles, etc. to this day. For proof, just Google both names, and shop accordingly.

Who/which of these purported frenemies will win the almighty 2014 box office war? Is it a war? Could the perceived rivalry become future collaboration? Heaven knows. Regardless . . . let's hope for animated spectacle of biblical proportions!

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