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Sign up for Sensory Friendly Day at the Children's Museum of Houston

Pre-registration for the sensory friendly event.
Pre-registration for the sensory friendly event.

Common in approximately 1 in every 88 births, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest growing developmental disability, according to Autism Society. For children living with ASD, even everyday tasks or the stimuli of common environments can cause them to react negatively to the world around them. A change in schedule for a child diagnosed with ASD may elicit an extreme reaction, as well as being in a place with an abundance of lights, sounds, and certain textures.

The Children's Museum of Houston recognizes the challenge attending an interactive, public learning facility like theirs poses for anyone with ASD, but also knows how beneficial a visit to the museum can be for all children. Because of this, the museum is offering sensory friendly access for just $5 to children with ASD and their families on February 17th from 10 am to 2 pm.

During this exclusive event, doors will be closed to the general public, the museum will not play any music and the lights will be turned down slightly. Additionally, the museum will do its best to limit extra sounds and distracting motions and will place extra signage throughout to help visitors determine what is off limits for climbing and where to stand and wait before entering each exhibit.

Make your visit even easier by checking out the interactive museum map on their web site to help plan your visit and bringing your lunch or a snack to the event since the museum café will be closed.

Sensory Friendly Day is an excellent opportunity for caregivers to make connections with other families living with ASD and to find out information about other tools and resources. Contact Lydia Dungus at 713- 535-7238 to register for the event.