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Sign of the times

This is from an old east German city. The message is pretty clear.
This is from an old east German city. The message is pretty clear.

Sound funny?

A battle of the signs began recently in London.  An humanist group decided to market themselves.  Their "no God" campaign led to a huge debate among travelers and bus drivers, liberals and conservatives.  The sign appeared on buses and tubes in and around London and stated "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Those who were outraged refused to ride buses as their way objection.  Others fought back with signs that said "There definitely is a God. So join the Christian party and enjoy your life."

A few months on, I still see the adverts on the buses.  As a believer in God, I found the situation quite entertaining.  At least people are talking about something productive.

As for Europe, many claim Christianity as their faith.  Some demographic maps show Christianity stronger in Europe than in the USA.  According to a survey group based in the Netherlands, Sweden has 85% of their population claiming Christianity, but only 8-11% attend church.  In the USA only 16% of the population show they rarely go to church.

Europe's religious climate is very different than in the USA.

When I was in Malta this summer, the whole island shut down on Sunday, and masses of people went to Mass.  While living in Germany, nearly everything was closed on Sunday.  Buy your bread and milk before 6pm on Saturday or you are out of luck.  These are remnants of a strong Christian culture in old Europe.

But what will happen next?  Maybe the answers are in the signs...

Check out the slide show below.


  • D Morgan 5 years ago

    I love the Christian response sign! I'm surprised they were allowed to show them though.