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Sign Michelle Obama's birthday card

Happy birthday, Michelle

Sign Michelle Obama's birthday card for $15. No.

Michelle Obama has the appearance of being a fine first lady, which she probably is. In fact, there are occasions when she demonstrates maturity and sensitivity that is far beyond that of her husband. Case in point is when Barack made selfie photos of himself and dignitaries at Nelson Mandela's solemn funeral. That really irritated Michelle and she showed it.

Michelle Obama has helped the President in the past by appealing for and raising funds on her own merit and appeal as much as the President’s. She may emerge from the shadow of Barack one day as did Hillary Clinton, to show that she is her own person and has much to offer the world aside from being a good Mother and first lady.

Confessing that I am a founding member of the Obama for Action organization, I did so because that is the primary advocacy for the middle class and poor Americans. It would be better at this point if the organization was called “Democrats for Action” as that would have more inclusive appeal.

A second term president who has demonstrated a share of incompetence and mistakes doesn’t have the coattails of a more successful president.

So, pushing the button to sign Michelle’s card may make OFA happy, but will Michelle give a hoot?

Maybe they should think about a Michelle for Action organization, I don’t know?

Click the url and see what happens. Go ahead, I dare you.

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