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Sign Language - a firm foundation for learning

Newborn, Aries
Newborn, Aries
Photo taken by Chase Nance

Parents, how many of you have heard about learning sign language to communicate with your babies? I know many of you probably tried and like me you probably learned and used a few signs but once your child began to speak that was the end. Maybe you tried but couldn’t quite grasp it. Whatever your history or current situation there is help for you Atlanta; enter TALK 2 YOUR BABY!

Talk 2 Your Baby is a series of educational workshops that provides parents and caregivers in the greater Atlanta area with the necessary tools to communicate with children through sign language. As parents we often research learning how to communicate with our babies. Typically this is by learning a few words to sign until they are able to speak. There are however, far more significant reasons for learning this skill. Signing with babies has been shown to encourage the development of communication and language skills. Research has shown that babies who sign are less frustrated, have higher IQs (10-12 points), speak earlier, have enhanced self-esteem and demonstrate a greater interest in books than babies who do not. Talk 2 Your Baby also incorporates learning reading and math concepts. They teach that by combining signing with reading and math, parents are establishing the foundation for a lifetime of successful communication and a love for learning

The founder of Talk 2 Your Baby is Claire Anderson. Claire is an educator with a Master’s in Elementary Mathematics and Literacy. During the years that she taught in the classroom, it became clear that children have the ability to learn much earlier than most people imagine. In fact, a child under the age of five is more apt to learning than at any other time in their life. See my article on “How important is Early Childhood Education.” After the birth of her son, Caleb, she decided to get her American Sign Language (ASL) certification. She felt it was important to give him the tools to communicate as early as possible. At only 18 months, Caleb is able to communicate with sign language, read first grade texts, use phonics, has a good grasp of geography and can add.

Claire has taught other Atlanta parents to combine sign language with phonics and math with great success. She is now eager to spread the benefits of integrating signing, phonics and math with infants and toddlers to as many parents as possible. Visit for more information.