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Sign dad up for membership in the Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club
Carnivore Club
Carnivore Club

Father's Day is this weekend but if you haven’t gotten your dad a present yet, there is no need to panic.

Sign him up to become a member of the Carnivore Club.

Instead of giving him a tie that he will never wear or cologne that he doesn’t like, why not give him something that he will love this year like a box of handcrafted cured meats delivered directly to him each month.

Each box from the cured meat-of-the-month club contains four to six hand pieces of beef like French charcuterie, Italian salumi, Spanish chorizo, South African biltong and artisanal jerky.

For Father’s Day, they have created a specialty box that includes one of our favorite meats – biltong from New York (made with beef and game). This delicious meat has been dried for 21 days and comes in four different varieties, including grated biltong powder (to top on salads and potatoes), thick cut biltong slab, droewors (better known as dried sausage) and biltong strips.

We love the exceptional flavor of this delicious meat made with simple ingredients like sea salt, vinegar, coriander and brown sugar that are used during the curing process.

For more information, visit Carnivore Club.