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SigLib: North Texas Libertarian PAC goes national

SigLib outreach table at the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention in Columbus
SigLib outreach table at the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention in Columbus
Rene Perez – used with permission

Note to Libertarians: While you're attending the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention in Columbus, Ohio this weekend be sure to stop by the Signs of Texas Liberty PAC table.

James Gholston is a longtime Libertarian Party supporter who has consistently put his money, time and effort behind his convictions.
James Gholston – used with permission

Known online as, the PAC has been one of the best kept secrets in the Libertarian political world until recently. They've been creating campaign signs since 2006 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area but because they depend strictly on donations they haven't become widely known.

But that may be changing now. Originally a state political action committee, SigLib later became a federal PAC designed to help publicize Libertarian Party candidates for national office. They were recently featured by Curry Taylor in the Libertarian Party of Dallas County Newsletter, had a table at this year's Texas LP State Convention in Temple, had the PAC's signs featured on the Texas LP Facebook page and, as James Gholston told the Dallas Libertarian Examiner, "We also managed to get enough money together to put up a table at the 2014 Libertarian National Convention in Columbus, Ohio."

Gholston, a Past Chair of the Denton County LP who has represented district 30 on the State Libertarian Executive Committee "almost continuously since mid-2001" is one of the three founding members of Signs of Texas Liberty PAC and its current treasurer.

"Our mission," says Gholston, "has been one of promoting the party and to the extent that our resources permit our candidates – with consistent, recognizable branding" accomplished by using a standardized template design.

Even though the group printed its first campaign sign in 2006 – James Werner for Texas LP Governor – the PAC has remained low profile for most Libertarians. "We've been operating on very limited amounts of money for most of our history," Gholston explains, "and fundraising continues to be a difficult challenge for us."

There's also another reason. "One thing we could very much use even more than donations is volunteers. We've never had more than maybe four people at a time and have been down to two on more than one occasion."

But perhaps most surprising of all might be the years of "disinterest and sometimes even hostility to the idea of bothering to put up signs."

But now, because of the recent attention, Gholston and his colleagues are launching a spinoff PAC, the Texas Candidates for Liberty PAC (CANDLIB), a state level committee intended to support state filing candidates and state and local issues. They raised a little over $100 through their first ten donors at the state convention.

And now this: A table at the Libertarian Party National Convention. While Gholston wasn't able to attend himself he spelled out the plan. "The fifth edition of the disc first handed out at the 2006 LPTexas convention will be on our table, along with buttons and dashboard signs."

So go find that table, Libertarian convention-goers. Donate, volunteer, and pick up some goodies!


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