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Sights of Denver Comic Con 2014: Exhibitor and booth round-up

The third Denver Comic Con is now underway. From June 13 to June 15 fans from the Mile High area, and those flocking to town for the event will have the chance to take in panels, admire cosplayers strutting their stuff, chat with artists and visit a host of booths and exhibitors on the showroom floor.

An orc snarls from the Weta booth at Denver Comic Con
Brooke Wylie

As most any veteran con attendee can attest, even with a show floor map, a plan of attack and the best of intentions, it can be all too easy to overlook some booths among the merch as far as the eye can see. Another very real possibility is becoming so occupied with other activities that only a short time is left to take in the show floor.

With that in mind, we made a pass through the show early Friday afternoon with an aim to find some of the best and most unique offerings Denver Comic Con has to offer in 2014. Here's the rub though, though the show floor is not as massive as one might expect--it's possible to cruise through in about 40 or so minutes if not taking time to stop and smell the roses, though for total enjoyment of DCC that is something attendees should do--it is a diverse collection that truly offers something for everyone and every fandom.

So, our official recommendation: Make time to sweep through the whole floor and spend extra time at booths that jump out at you. Below (and in the slideshow) is a look at some of the booths and exhibitors attendees can expect to find.

Geek Chic- Even if you're not a tabletop gamer it's worth stopping by the Geek Chic booth just to see how beautiful the work they do is. Geek Chic offers customizable, high quality gaming tables designed with geeks in mind.

Mile High Arcade- The next time you're planning a geeky bash and want to take things up a notch you'll be glad you know about Mile High Arcade. Founded in 2009, Mile High Arcade sells, rents, services and restores classic arcade games. They've brought a trio of favorites to the show for attendees to play with.

Weta- New to DCC this year, Weta Workshop are making quite an entrance with a booth that boosts a host of Middle Earth awesomeness. The orc pictured in the slideshow was a particular favorite for fan snapshots.

Mile High Horror Film Festival- This booth is dedicated to another awesome Denver event, a must for horror fans who want to know more about the upcoming fest.

Vindicated Vinyl- Vindicated Vinyl offers a wide variety of products, including bags and belts, that have been made from salvaged

Espionage Cosmetics- Girly, pretty products for geeky girls that let the ladies flaunt their fandom.

All of Artist Alley- The chance to see a lot of great art all at once is one of the best elements of any comic-con.

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