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‘Siesta Fiesta’ initial thoughts

Puzzle games go together on the Nintendo 3DS like chocolate and marshmallows.

‘Siesta Fiesta’ initial thoughts
Mojo Bones

Mojo Bones’ newest 3DS puzzler, “Siesta Fiesta” is a weird little puzzle game that takes the old-school brick-breaker genre to the next level. Part side-scroller, the game advances you across a level and is not static like your traditional brick-breaker the likes of the Gameboy classic “Alleyway.”

If it doesn’t sound like too much of a difference, you’d be wrong.

Although the introductory tutorial doesn’t provide much excitement or flavor, those that give the game more than a few minutes will be quickly surprised.

Fast and frenetic, the first few stages of “Siesta Fiesta” are a blast. Traditional brick-breaking with a twist, the game quickly grows on you. Easy to jump in and play, the game’s simple control is aided by colorful graphics and silly sound, making it fun in short doses for adults and children. Although the story isn’t exactly fleshed out, the thought of bouncing around a sleeping man off a bed into the sky is too adorable to run away from.

While a few train or bus stops may not be enough time to battle the Elite Four in “Pokemon X & Y,” it’s more than enough time to get through a level in ““Siesta Fiesta.”

Siesta Fiesta is set for July 24 release on the Nintendo 3DS.

What do you think of our first impressions? Will you purchase the game when it’s available? Sound off in the comment section below.

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