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Sierra Strength celebrates grand opening of new gym

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Fitness entrepreneur Chris Sierra’s dream continues to grow as his new gym – Sierra Strength Gym – which opened just seven months ago in his mom’s garage in San Jose, relocated to a new 2-story 2,000 square foot warehouse facility on February 1.

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“I think that the mere fact that we have expanded to a warehouse space is a clear indicator of where the business is going,” says Chris. “I pride my business on delivering results and also providing a proper place to train for any serious fitness enthusiast.”

In fact, business was so good at the original gym that neighbors were starting to complain. “At any given time, I would have upwards of 10 people at my house training with me,” Chris explains. “Sounds crazy, I know, but what ended up happening was I was creating such a buzz and making so much noise that apparently someone filed a complaint. I knew it was time to start looking for bigger and better space,” he laughs.

The original facility included a wooden structure with a heavy duty tarp roof in the backyard creating a unique, outdoor workout space. It was well-equipped with tractor tires, power racks, barbells, atlas stones, sandbags – the works.

“The new place provides a lot more space,” says Chris, “which means more clients can be trained at any given time, and we can also expand and pick up some more equipment to utilize. We have already picked up a full set of competition kettle bells (in pairs), vibrational plates, club bells (in various sizes), weight vests, Olympic rings, and much more.

“My gym is probably not meant for everyone. It is meant for the guys and girls that DEMAND a higher standard of EXCELLENCE, and who are COMMITTED to their health and fitness. I love working with those that have that ‘eye of the tiger’ and who are ready to get to work!”

Clients are excited about the move as well they should be. It's no wonder because success is in the results, and Sierra Strength is, apparently, making it happen. For more information about the "new" Sierra Strength Gym, call (408) 387-3900.



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