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Sierra Leone diamond: $6.2 million diamond found in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, Africa
Sierra Leone, Africa
Wikimedia Commons

A Sierra Leone diamond found is worth $6.2 million. On Feb. 23, Yahoo! News reported that the diamond was 153 carats and was one of the "most precious" gems found over the last 10 years. Back in 2013, a 125-carat diamond was found in the same area.

"The diamond is a cleavage in terms of shape and the clarity is of very high quality. In other words, this is a premium stone as a result of its [color] and clarity, and had it been an octahedron-shaped stone, it could have almost doubled the price of $6 million," read a statement released by the National Minerals Agency.

This Sierra Leone diamond is just one of many mineral riches found in the poor country. With such things as gold and titanium ore also plentiful in the soils of the area, many have come to the area and helped financial growth and sustained the eastern region of the country according to Yahoo! News.

The particular diamond found most recently was rated a D+ in color (with A being completely flawless and Z being the worst color condition). It is unknown what will become of the diamond, if it will be sold, and/or who exactly found it. Miners put their lives on the line to dig up these gems but it's unknown if the person who found this particular diamond was paid for his discovery.

The Sierra Leone diamond will not be the last of its kind but some wonder how many more rare gems are located here.

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