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Sierra Leone diamond: $6.2 million, 153-carat diamond unearthed

This 153.44-carat diamond is one of the world's finest.
This 153.44-carat diamond is one of the world's finest.
Facebook - National Minerals Agency

What is now being referred to as the "Sierra Leone diamond" was officially revealed on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014, and it is one for the ages. Yahoo News reported on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014, that the 153-carat diamond was dug up this past week and it is one of the world's finest as the Sierra Leone diamond has a worth of $6.2 million.

"This 153.44-carat diamond is one of the finest diamonds to be found in Sierra Leone in the last 10 years," the National Minerals Agency said in a statement.

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The Sierra Leone diamond has a D+ grade on the D-to-Z diamond color scale. This means it has almost no yellow tiny or nitrogen impurities. According to what it could be compared to, the agency states that only "fancy diamonds such as blue or pink" could match or surpass it in terms of price.

"The diamond is a cleavage in terms of shape and the clarity is of very high quality," the statement added.

"In other words, this is a premium stone as a result of its colour and clarity, and had it been an octahedron-shaped stone, it could have almost doubled the price of $6 million."

It was officially found in the eastern district of Kono. The 153.44 carats of the Sierra Leone diamond make it a good bit larger than the largest find of last year. 2013's biggest diamond measured in at 125-carats and was found around the same area.

Sierra Leone is no stranger to beautiful treasures as it is known for diamonds, gold, titanium ore, bauxite, and many others. Unfortunately, it it still one of the poorest countries in the world thanks to a decade-lond civil war that ended back in 2002.

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