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Sierra gets dusted with snow

Not much to ski on in the steeps right now.
J Ferris

A small storm blew through the Sierra last Thursday and dusted the high country with an inch of snow.

That's not much, and normally wouldn't warrant any ink at all. This year is plainly different. Any snow is good snow, even if it is just an inch.

The weather pattern seems to be shifting a bit, with some chance of snow and rain later next week. The resorts continue to make snow, and the addition of anything from the sky is just plain good.

Cross country skiers and snowshoe fans have had little to do so far this winter. While the downhill ski resorts have the ability to make snow, there's no such thing in the back country.

Telemark enthusiasts can always head to the resorts to get some good practice in, but it won't be on the steeps or through the woods. Right now, the woods look more like late fall than mid-winter, and the steeps just don't have any coverage.

This isn't to say that there isn't any skiing. There is, and the resorts have done an amazing job of keeping a large portion of their trails open. The rub is if your idea of a good day skiing involves launching off a precipice and hurtling down a very steep incline, perhaps in powder.

You won't be doing this, or skiing through the trees just yet. Keep doing the snow dance and one of these days soon, we'll all be enjoying more snow.

Until then, ski when you can. Any day on the slopes is better than no day on the slopes.

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