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Sierra Club Gears Up for 2011

Yesterday, a group of concerned Fairfield citizens descended into the quiet hideaway of Revelations' basement, to scheme and plot...for a greener future. Decisions had to be made, responsibilities accepted, and positions assigned. 2011 would not wait any longer, so preparations must be completed.

Yours truly here was invited to attend the local Sierra Club chapter's meeting by Cindy Ballou, the Emeritus Chair who just yesterday entrusted the position to Francis Thicke, our favorite former local candidate for Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture. The scene was about as Cindy had painted it for me, if you'll pardon the pun (Cindy runs Cindy's ArtBeat inside the ICON gallery), with the table admittedly more on the geriatric side than not. There was a noticeable appreciation of the youthful presence brought to the room by myself and Briggs, both young twenty-somethings, and much enthusiasm around getting more youth involved in contemporary efforts.

All in all, there wasn't too much to be said for the meeting itself, as it was mainly comprised of nominations for positions and other formalities of the year's first meeting. There was, however, something extra in the air, and I'll venture to say it was the promise of 2011 and what it could hold for not only the Sierra Club, but Fairfield at large. There's a sense that something great is lurking right around the corner, and that we're all just waiting for the music to start so we can start dancing. Time will tell.


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