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Sideroad CPR: Baby stops breathing in traffic, Good Samaritans revive with CPR

Roadside CPR
Roadside CPR
Miami Herald - Al Diaz

Things got really scary for Pamela Rauseo as she sat in Miami traffic for a long time according to NBC New York on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014. Her five-month-old nephew ended up turning blue after he stopped breathing and it was up to a Good Samaritan motorist to save the day as she used CPR to revive him.

This baby was saved by the fast actions of a person in traffic.
Miami Herald - Al Diaz

Rauseo was sitting in traffic just east of 57th Avenue in Miami when her five-month-old nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, stopped breathing.

Panicking, Rauseo pulled over and hopped into the backseat of the car to attempt and help. She soon realized that more help was needed so she took her nephew out of car and began crying and screaming for help.

Lucila Godoy was also in the same traffic congestion, and she rushed to the aid of the infant, who had already turned blue in color.

Godoy left her three-year-old son in her car and rushed to help Rauseo and little Sebastian, who was born prematurely and with respiratory issues.

“I heard screaming,” Miami-Herald photographer Al Diaz said. He saw a woman pop out of the car in front of him “screaming that the baby can’t breathe.”

Diaz was able to find Amauris Bastidas, a Sweetwater police officer, who want to the scene and took over CPR for Godoy. She was doing chest pumps for the baby while Rauseo breathed into his mouth.

“I lifted him up in the air and moved him up and down,” Bastidas said. “He started breathing and crying.”

Shortly after, Sebastian stopped breathing again. All of them quickly started CPR once more and the baby started breathing again. By this point, medical help had arrived in the form of Capt. Anthony Trim and Lt. Alvaro Tonanez of Miami-Dad Fire Rescue, who were also in the traffic.

They did a check and found the baby barely breathing, but his airway was open. Miami Fire Rescue showed up shortly after and rushed Sebastian to a local hospital.

Sebastian has been listed in stable condition.

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