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Ring or Not, Dwayne Wade, shooting guard for the Miami Heat, has a new son and it doesn't belong to his ex-wife OR his Finace (and former side chick), Gabrielle Union. So if you have ever been to you know how I feel about Side Chicks. If you have never read my glorious side chick library >>> PLEASE READ HERE In the wake of Dwayne Wade asking for Gabrielle Union's hand in marriage with a fabulous ring, there was also a new baby announced. WHUT? No, Mary Jane is not pregnant, but another Wade child has been born. Apparently when Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union were "on a break" about a year or so ago (who knew about that?) Dwayne was seeing his side chick and a baby was the result. Supposedly the "Baby Mama" is a woman that he has known for many years. I am literally feeling SICK for Gabby U. So apparently while Union and Wade are planning the September 2014 wedding, they will also be working on a nursery. RELATED>> BEING MARY JANE COUNTDOWN Over the Christmas holiday Dwayne Wade spent time with his new son. Gabrielle, 41, knows of the child and is encouraging her fiance Dwayne Wade, 31, to foster a relationship. They are working together to make the new baby a comfortable new addition to their family. They are working through it privately-but you know that Classy Black Girl will be watching. **biggest side eye ever** My personal thoughts,

"Why was he having sex without a condom?"

In the wake of HIV and other life altering STD's why would he be having sex with no condom when they were just "on a break?" Gabby Get Tested Girl!

"Did Dwayne Wade propose to cover up or make the baby blow a little less painful?"

I mean damn. They have been going strong since 2009.

"How does Dwayne Wade explain ANOTHER bit of drama to his sons?"

There is a such thing as Karma, my Classies. I love Gabrielle Union and Mary Jane even more, but you cannot believe that you will get all of the glory with none of the drama when in essence you started out as the Side Chick. I guess Side Chicks aren't always winning-because once you get the official "Real Chick" spot there is always a side chick waiting to take your place. One for the Real Chicks team and one for the Side Chicks team...since Gabby Plays for both teams! Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Follow me on Instagram for lots of Juicy Photos!