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Side Bar's FIVE/TEN is back!

Sunday Funday lovers you're old friend FIVE/TEN is back! Side Bar's uber-popular event returns this Sunday, April 27th, and will continue to offer partygoers the best late afternoon-to-night time experience in San Diego.

Side Bar's FIVE/TEN is back!
photo credit - Side Bar

Last year we featured San Diego's unofficial Sunday Funday 'intermission' FIVE/TEN, which has become the toast of the Gaslamp District between the usually mundane hours of 5-10 PM. The weekly event, gives day partiers the perfect segue to their nighttime hijinx, while bridging the gap between the day drinking to those nightlife hours.

This year's FIVE/TEN comes packaged with the same good time, but with a few new additions that will make the meddlesome hours between 5-10 PM during your Sunday Funday that much more enjoyable.

Jaws anyone? That's right, Side Bar is rolling out a new "Jaws" theme by having their delectable Side Bar girls dawn red bikinis equipped with fanny packs. These fanny packs are loaded with refreshments which include mints, body spray, Evian mist spray and a few other surprises; ensuring all partygoers are fresh breathed and cool during those warm San Diego late afternoon/evening hours.

The layout itself has also received an upgrade, now featuring a see-through hot tub tank as the room's unofficial centerpiece. Drink specials as well as bottle and champagne specials are also available between the hours of 5-7 PM.

DJ Loczi will keep Side Bar's atmosphere magnetized, while all of the Sunday Funday enthusiast flock to this increasingly popular event. FIVE/TEN's new additions and available drink specials are just a few highlights answering your question as to where to enjoy the hours of 5-10 PM beginning this Sunday.