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sid yiddish and mancow and robin williams

Sid Yiddish on Mancow and Robin Williams

**I know this is last minute, but the usually subversive and iconoclastic Sid Yiddish is going to be on Mancow show tomorrow morning. When I first met him many moons ago Sis was going under his real name, Charles Bernstein (He adopted Sid Yiddish name and persona in 2004.) Here’s the blurb straight from him.

We finally made it!!! Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen will be appearing live on Mancow's TV Show, Thursday, August 14, 2014. Watch us ignite the airwaves! WPWR Channel 50 and we can also be heard live on radio, on AM 1530

There was also a recent film made about Sid Yiddish that is quite engaging. The documentary includes some footage from Sid’s appearance on America’s Got Talent. He didn’t get a good reaction from the judges but considering how mainstream the show is: that’s almost a compliment.

It can be accessed here. . It includes a clip of the highly entertaining Flight of the Satanic Danish Squirrel. The whole thing can be seen at

** Robin Williams, who played one of the most famous fictional English teachers in Dead Poet’s Society, passed away on August 11. The word is that the comedian killed himself by hanging (Dave Carradine who I interviewed about 10 years ago died the same way.)

Although his career was not exactly on an upswing lately (don’t even get me started on his last feeble TV show), Williams continued to make important contributions to cinema his whole life, and made some decent films in this decade (with less frequency than the ‘80 and 90s). I have assembled a list of his best films (I left out his animated films because they only used his voice.)

My picks are not necessarily his most popular films, but the flicks on my list represent his highest quality, most enduring works. Keep in mind that I have not seen some (maybe most) of these films for decades.

1.) The Fisher King (1991) - Robin plays his most rich and unforgettable role as a street urchin who believes he is a knight searching for a holy grail. His co-host Jeff Bridges is also terrific as a cynic who learns the meaning of life.

2.) Awakenings (1990)-Penny Marshall directed this film emotionally jarring drama which stars Robert De Niro, a man who achieves a temporary cure to his tragic medical condition, and Williams is his understanding doctor. This is sort of like an update on Flowers for Algernon.

3.)Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1990)-Williams makes a terrific cameo as a flying talking head. Director Terry Gilliam found the most creative ways to use Robin’s talents.

4.) AI: Artificial intelligence (2001)-Williams has a small part in this sci-fi flick which was started by Kubrick and finished by Speilberg. Williams is Dr. Know (not to be confused with the Bond bad guy or Bad Brains guitarist)

5.) Hamlet (`1996) - Kenneth Branagh directs and stars in the title role, and next to Olivier, he may be the very best screen Hamlet (although some claim Richard Burton was even better in the role on-stage.) Robin Williams is fine as Osric, the courtier sent by the villain, Claudius to invite Hamlet to participate in the duel.

6.) World’s Greatest Dad (2009) –Dark Indy comedy with a twisted ending is much more ambitious and potent than most of William’s box office blocks busters. Williams plays a teacher who years for literary success who makes up fake writings from his dead son to achieve fame.

7.) Moscow on the Hudson (1984)-Paul Mazursky (one of the more underrated post Altman film makers) directs Williams who plays a Russian immigrant who finds love in his new home.

8.) Good Morning Vietnam (1987)-Williams improvisational talents were used well in a break through role in this comedy about a DJ who helps entertain the troops.

9,) Night Listener (2006)- William plays Gabriel Noone, a gay talk show host who befriends a boy with AIDS who may not be what he seems. The script to this excellent psychological thriller was penned by Amistad (Tales from the City) Maupin.

10.)When Dreams May Come (1998)-Morally ambiguous love story about a man who dies in a car crash and journeys through heaven presents one of the most creative depictions of the afterlife since Michael Powell’s Stairway to Heaven (the film not the song).

Honorable mentions
Dead Again, Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo, Insomnia, Dead Poets Society, Seize the Day, Popeye, Jack

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