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Sid's Doggie Lounge and Nightclub

Fresh coffee in the lobby every morning
Fresh coffee in the lobby every morning

Sid’s Doggie Lounge and Nightclub

Happy guest at Sid's Doggie Lounge
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Englewood/Littleton is home to a uniquely fun and funky doggie daycare known as Sid’s Doggie Lounge. With an average of 25-30 dogs in the daycare per day, Sid’s Doggie Lounge provides personal service and care to each and every guest. Their spacious play areas and outdoor playground allows all of the furry guests to romp and rest in style.

The funky design and hip style of Sid’s Doggie Lounge is not the only thing that sets it apart from other doggie daycares. Guests at this modern mutt’s playground are never crated, and are provided ample affection and attention. And while there are no crates to be seen at Sid’s Doggie Lounge, separate quarters are provided for smaller dogs, puppies, and those who need a brief “time out.”

The owner and operator of Sid’s Doggie Lounge, Kyllee Dionisi, is an animal behaviorist. This allows her to properly interact with the guests at the lounge, and personally train her staff to do so as well. Because of the open space and laid-back atmosphere, it is important that every furry friend at Sid’s Doggie Lounge behaves appropriately. Kyllee and her talented staff personally oversee the dogs to ensure that each and every dog is safe, happy, and well-behaved.

Sid’s Doggie Lounge does not have any breed restrictions, though they do conduct interviews and evaluations with every guest before admission into the lounge. For the safety of fellow guests, every dog has to pass a behavioral evaluation to ensure that everyone at the lounge has a safe and pleasant stay.

In addition to daycare services, Sid’s Doggie Lounge offers grooming and boarding options. The no-kenneling philosophy of the daycare applies to the lounge boarding as well. The boarding rooms for Sid’s Doggie Lounge guests are hotel-worthy, decorated with quality pet beds, toys, and large accent windows.

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