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Sid Caesar dead at 91: Larry King announces passing of comedic genius

RIP, Sid Caesar
RIP, Sid Caesar
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sid Caesar is dead at age 91. Although all the Hollywood outlets have confirmed this sad news, Larry King announced his passing via Twitter on Feb. 12.

King wrote, "Sorry to learn about the passing of Sid Caesar. [He was] a dear friend, a comic genius and an American classic. There will never be another one like him."

This is true.

The comedic sage created a first when he came up with "Your Show Of Shows," a live broadcast of humorous proportions. The 90-minute show launched a lot of high profile careers, including Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Neil Simon, Larry Gelbart, Lucille Kallen and Mel Tolkin.

Sid Caesar came into this world in Yonkers. The avid New Yorker was the son of immigrants and when he was a kid he saw the American Dream as being a musician so he took up the sax. He had a lot of talent, which would show up later in life in many different forms.

While Sid gave Hollywood a try, it was back east for him after only a year among the left coast elite. He labored long and hard in his role as a comedian, both on the small screen and behind the scenes. He did this for an entire decade and then finally seemed to burn out.

In fact, Mel Brooks reported, "I know of no other comedian, including [Charlie] Chaplin, who could have done nearly 10 years of live television."

Brooks added, “Nobody’s talent was ever more used up than Sid’s.

Sadly, as Sid described in his 1982 autobiography called "Where Have I Been," the entertainment icon said he had blacked out for twenty years. During that time, he struggled with the bottle and with pills but came out of that mess only to be stronger and better than ever.

And now he is gone, having lived until age 91 after dispersing his show biz wisdom to the best of them.

RIP Sid Caesar, RIP.

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