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Sick Le Lapin: French vegan composer’s avant-garde music is brilliant

In totality, veganism is a pure state of mental and physical being. As best as humanly possible, veganism is the accumulated elements of cruelty-free living. Far from simply a label that describes and defines veganism as a culture, veganism is a life-long individual journey.

Photo courtesy Sick Le Lapin, used with permission

No one action or thought makes us vegan. We each have an individual vegan expression.

The music artistry of Sick Le Lapin is explosive. High intensity, Sick Le Lapin’s diverse combination of sight and sound is in and of itself, a protest. The all-encompassing statement and feeling of Sick Le Lapin’s artistry ultimately reveals the hypocrisy of humanity.

Sick Le Lapin’s works such as Petit Monde and L'Animal Objet are absolutely haunting in the reality they depict. Both are startling pieces that show the opposition we face in light of our goals and the grave impact of the human race on the environment and animals.

Other pieces like Gore-Rabbit Humanicide and Meat Is Murder & Go Vegan!, are savage. Meat Is Murder & Go Vegan! is a monster. What took The Smiths 6 minutes to communicate in their 1985 signature song, Sick Le Lapin’s 2 minute and 31 second, Meat is Murder & Go Vegan!, is by far the epitome of militant vegan ideology.

Sick Le Lapin also has a charming and endearing side. Vegan love is reflected, for example, in two works from the album “Love”: Ah's Salam N' Love and Vegan World.

More music videos include Sick Le Lapin’s live performance at La Journée De La Protection Animale and support for animal causes and organizations such as 269Life, L'Association LAST CHANCE, Sensibilisation, and Association pour la Protection Et la Gestion de l'Animal Libre (APEGAL).

It is apparent that Sick Le Lapin is passionate about art, painting, drawing, video-games, movies, television, animals, veganism, and of course, music. Early on, Sick Le Lapin says he was fairly close-minded musically and mostly listened to rock or metal.

“After discovering of classical music, hip-hop, the various possibilities of electronic music, my interest in music expanded,” Sick Le Lapin, 23, says. “In my tracks, I explore noise, ambient, industrial, grindcore, breakcore, and other music which is sometimes very noisy.”

“It plays in my composition,” Sick Le Lapin says. “I like to vary the styles, techniques, mix a little, combine rhythmic hip-hop with voice, some are more noisy and violent. Others are gentle melodies, like space music mixed with electrical and instrumental hardcore.”

In regard to the video portion of Sick Le Lapin’s music, he says, “The visual enhances the music and the importance of the message. The message flows better. I tweak the assembly and pseudo-play actor and director, but I am first and foremost a composer.”

Sick Le Lapin is also first and foremost a vegan. “I’m a great lover of animals and nature. I have been vegetarian since age twelve. Three years ago, I become Vegan and much more committed to the cause.”

Living a vegan lifestyle is Sick Le Lapin’s form of militancy. As previously mentioned he does participate in events and is active in two animal rescue and adoption groups, Sensibilisations, and Association pour la Protection Et la Gestion de l'Animal Libre (APEGAL).

“For me, every animal is important. Whether it’s a dog, cat, chicken, or a pig. Whether it is a large animal or tiny, beautiful or ugly, a ball of hair or any small insect, they all have my respect.”

Animal rights in France is like everywhere. Nothing is perfect nowhere alas,” Sick Le Lapin comments. “Laws that are supposed to protect animals are almost useless. Violence against animals is supposed to be punished.”

As Sick Le Lapin continues his musical, artistic, and vegan journey, he appropriately wrapped our insightful talk with outstanding advice: “Go Vegan.”

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