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Sick Hymns confirms 6th annual Las Vegas Death Fest; singer facing lung surgery

Joe Wolfe - Sick Hymns
Joe Wolfe - Sick Hymns
Gini Williams

Shortly after confirming a spot on the sixth annual Las Vegas Death Fest; Sick Hymns singer and mastermind Joe Wolfe (Heinous Killings, Erotic Incisions, Clean Flesh) is facing yet another lung surgery. Nearly one year ago the examiner delved into the world of Joe Wolfe aka "The Predator" (Joe Wolfe a look inside the den of the predator). Wolfe had just returned to underground death metal with his new project after a series of lung surgeries turned his life upside down and almost left him dead. The years long hiatus lead Wolfe to believe he would never sing again, but eventually he found his way back to the mic. Now, just shortly after confirming Sick Hymn's spot on the LVDF lineup; Wolfe has been diagnosed with another life threatening lung problem, and surgery is imminent.

Currently it's all about waiting to see the lung specialist. In the meantime Wolfe says he is feeling fine and will continue with recording what will be the first release for Sick Hymns. Since we last spoke with Joe, he has managed to flesh out a full line up with Harold Burton (guitar), Phil Good (bass), Paul Good (drums), and Bill Petyak (guitar). One single track has been released to date, "Blasphemous Bitch" and the band is in the slow but sure process of recording their first release. Wolfe seems quite confident that recording will go on as planned and Sick Hymns will be performing at LVDF, even if it means popping a lung in the process.

The 6th annual Las Vegas Death Fest will be held June 12-14, 2014 at the Cheyenne Saloon. Current lineup includes:

Waco Jesus
Corpsefucking Art (Italy)
Slamentation (International)
Cranial Impalement
Inferia (Finland)
Coathanger Abortion
Vomit God
Intravenous Contamination (Germany)
Embodied Torment
Crepitation (UK)
Mortal Decay
Elbow Deep
Exhumer (Italy)
Damage Overdose
Orphalis (Germany)
Torn The Fuck Apart
Fetal Disgorge
United by Hate
Amputated Genitals ( Colombia)
Cancer Whore
Logistic Slaughter
Euphegenia (Guttural Secrete/Cerebral Incubation)
Cerebral Incubation
Visceral Leishmaniasis (Brazil)
Sadistic Butchering
Derogation (Germany/Russia)
Desecrate The Faith
Extinctionist (Germany)
Sick Hymns ( Heinous Killings)
Immortal Suffering
Regurgitate Life (UK)
Pessimist (Reunion show)
Delusional Parasitosis
Cerebral Engorgement
Lust of Decay AND Devangelic

(line up subject to change)

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