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More Siberian craters: 3 mysterious holes open up baffling experts on origin

Mysterious holes in Siberia baffles experts as to how they formed.
Mysterious holes in Siberia baffles experts as to how they formed.
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Two more giant holes have formed in the remote region of Siberia, which makes a total of three holes mysteriously appearing in the last few weeks. One of the new holes appeared on the route that reindeer herders are known to travel, making this a dangerous place for them and their herd.

According to Yahoo Finance on July 29, locals in Siberia just happened to witness the hole opening up and while there are two conflicting stories reported, both sound rather mysterious and somewhat bizarre. One group of locals said they saw smoke coming out of the ground before the crater developed and then there was a bright flash.

Another group reports a “celestial body fell, which created the crater. The first hole that was discovered last week was the biggest of all three. That one was about 100-feet across and 300-feet deep. While the other holes are close to the same depth as the first hole, the second revealed crater was about 50-feet across. The third was only 15-feet across.

The Washington Post suggests that with the news filled with downed planes lately, not too many are paying attention to the craters forming in Siberia. Now that three have suddenly appeared, it may be time for attention to be drawn towards detecting just how the holes were formed.

The size of the hole isn’t where the danger lies for people herding in that area, it’s the depth. It is the smallest of the three craters that lies on the route that the reindeer herders travel.

The two larger holes are in the same area, which is called “the end of the world.” The area is dubbed this because it is such a remote location on the Yamal Peninsula. The third hole is on the Taymyr Peninsula, which is just as desolate a location as the location of the first two craters.

A permafrost expert from Russia, Marina Leibman, believes that at least the first hole was caused by the release of methane gas under the permafrost. The permafrost consists of ice, water and soil and when the methane gas released it exploded through the surface of the ground.

She said that within a few years, the craters most likely will become a lake, as that is how lakes are formed on the frozen tundra of Siberia. At the bottom of the first hole, icy water is already rising from below, so this expert may be right!

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