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Si Astbury and Evan Hendry launch charity single 'Hope' (Photos)

On March 2, 2014, musicians Si Astbury and Evan Hendry from the UK announced launching of their new single "Hope." The charities are Cancer Research and Ataxia UK. Carol Ann Docherty has been one of the helpful resources.

All Things to rep charity single "Hope" with Si Astbury and Evan Hendry
All Things to rep charity single "Hope" with Si Astbury and Evan Hendry
Evan Hendry and Si Astbury, Photo: Courtesy
New Charity Single "Hope," Photo: Courtesy

This charity single launch is just the beginning, as apparently there will soon be a charity video. The video is in pre-production.

Singer-songwriter Si Astbury, who resides in Burton on Trent, is also a TV host who presents talent on Burton TV News' "In The Spotlight."

Evan Hendry, 14, has known music in the professional sense of the word since he was very young, and his family and friends support his "every move" when it comes to music!

In addition to playing guitar, Hendry, who resides in Swadlincote, England, also writes songs. He plays rhythm and is the lead guitarist for the new band Ignition. Soon he and the band will be performing at Bramley Festival.

Both Astbury and Hendry are excited about this new project, although they won't stop here. In addition to this single they look forward to the upcoming video plus more singles and videos in the near future. Their band, Ignition, also keeps them busy "on tour."

According to Si Astbury, he and all those concerned with the charity, are looking for media support. They hope radio stations will get behind this charity single.

Astbury has also found time to enter a singing competition and is asking for your vote. One can vote every day and follow up with email link at Vote for Si Astbury!

To learn more about the launch, the musicians, their music, the band, Piggyback Studios and their gigs go to various links. Fans can view each band member in slideshow and even follow them on Facebook and YouTube!

Thanks Si Astbury for keeping abreast of your muscial projects. More to follow!

Enjoy above video on "Mobile Game Aids Cancer Researchers."

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