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Shy kids don’t talk but understand what you say

Children can understand what you say even when they don't respond.
Children can understand what you say even when they don't respond.

Toddlers who are delayed in speaking are not necessarily delayed in understanding the language, according to a press release on Feb. 3. The researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder found shy children will have problems speaking with others but they are fully capable of understanding what is being said to them.

Shy children with inhibited expression (delayed speech) are thought to be delayed in speech comprehension but that is a misconception. Parents may assume if the children cannot express their thoughts in a communication exchange, they cannot understand what is being said.

Shy kids are reluctant to speak and it is not a speech deficit.

Research has shown in the past that children with inhibited speech can have negative outcomes such as social problems later in life. For this reason, it is extremely important to understand the dynamics of delayed speech in a child to receive appropriate treatment or intervention, if needed.

It is suggested by the researchers for caregivers and parents to encourage shy children to be independent and to interact with other children to avoid social restrictions.

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