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Shuffler Game for iPhone - A Collection of Mind-boggling Puzzles!

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Irrespective of gaming trends, there is always a constant demand for quality puzzle games. Here is an app named Shuffler Game, which tests players' strategic thinking with a variety of picture puzzles. The game has varying levels of difficulty, exciting gaming mods and interesting images.

A Brief Introduction Shuffler Game is all about puzzles; classic sliding puzzles to be precise. It's a simple game, which requires players to swap tiles around to complete the pictures. It can be played while traveling or waiting in a queue.

Features of the Game:

This app has simple controls and the game mechanics revolve around a picture. Players can solve the puzzles by moving the tiles up or down and to the left or right. The key features of the game are listed below. The puzzles are made available on three board sizes with varying levels of difficulty. Players can start with the easiest level and move up to level four. The level of difficulty varies for each gaming mode. There is a total of 11 different gaming modes. Each gaming mode has a unique set of rules and instructions. So, players need to come up with different strategies to solve puzzles in each gaming mode.

Additional Features:

This app is compatible with all iOS 7 devices. The game allows players to upload their own photos. The game has a Help section to help first-time users. The app has a reset option to start a puzzle from the beginning.

Scores are calculated based on the time taken by players to complete the puzzles. The game has an auto-save function, which allows players to pause puzzles and resume them later.

Players with the top hundred scores enter the app's prestigious Hall of Fame. As the game progresses, players get to unlock different gaming modes. Shuffler Game is sure to entertain people of all age groups.