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Shroud of Turin new explanation on historical piece

Shroud of Turin
Godong via Getty Images

"Shroud of Turin" is a remarkable and miraculous "painting" of Jesus Christ as he was laid to rest after the horrid crucifixion he had to endure on this earth. Many people believe the shroud to be a true miracle while there are those that have searched for the scientific cause of the amazing veil that depicts the crucified Jesus and his wounds very faintly on the cloth.

Researchers from the Politecnico di Torino have discovered a new explanation for the remarkable if not miraculous "Shroud of Turin" the burial shroud that covered Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

"They say that it's possible that neutron emissions from an earthquake around the time of Jesus' death could have created the image, as well as affected radiocarbon levels that suggested the shroud was a forgery from medieval times, reports LiveScience."

Two scientists, A. Carpinteri, G. Lacidogna, and O. Borla recreated the earthquake effect by crushing stones to find that neutron emissions could have created the affect that is found on the Shroud of Turin. The conclusion is the emissions could have created a chemical reaction on the cloth to form the image of the face.

Their study states; "Hypotheses and experimental confirmations that oxidative phenomena generated by earthquakes can provide 3D images on the linen clothes have recently been proposed by de Liso [34]. Moreover, a further effect of neutron irradiation could have provided a wrong radiocarbon dating due to an increment in C146nuclei in the linen fibres."

"The scientists linked the earthquake with Jesus' death by citing Greek historian Thallos' account of the day Christ died, the gospel of Matthew, and the narrative of Joseph of Arimathea, as well as with the work of Dante Alighieri, writing, "Moreover, if we assign the image imprinted on the Shroud to the Man who died during the Passover of 33 a.d., there are at least three documents in the literature attesting the occurrence of disastrous earthquakes during that event."

Regardless of the new found study, no matter what the cause and effect the statement of miracle still remains. How many other bodies that were buried and covered during that time period, especially before the earthquake happened, and did not create the vision of the body that is covered. Were any other such instances reported and why not? The Shroud of Turin in fact is still the miracle it was and will always be. A creation by the creator himself, earthquake or not.

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