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ShrinkTheWeb service: A free way to capture screenshot images

ShrinkTheWeb service: A free way to capture screenshot images
ShrinkTheWeb service: A free way to capture screenshot images
Paula Neal Mooney

As the Internet Deals Examiner of tech gadgets, oftentimes I discover that some of the best deals are for the kinds of technical gadgets that you can’t actually hold in your hand or touch per se, but are just as valuable as those you can.

In his new book titled Choose Yourself, author James Altucher implores entrepreneurs to not simply seek after the next huge thing, but to find a way to improve upon an existing process that helps people tremendously. And that’s what the founder of this next described popular service has done, ever since he found himself searching for a way to improve upon the screenshot process available at the time from the Amazon-owned website.

Enter ShrinkTheWeb, the brainchild of Brandon Elliott, who worked 18-hour days, 7 days per week for three months straight to get the service off the ground, only to be nearly killed by an F1 tornado back in May of 2008.

Alas, he survived and so did his service, one that has been a God-send to folks whose jobs require them to take a plentitude of screen images of various websites in order to have a lovely picture accompany their forum listing, blog post, article, etc.

Past Photo-Capturing is Prologue…and a Multi-Step Process

In the past, accomplishing the feat of getting a website’s screenshot involved a process of visiting the website and pressing whatever combination of keys your particular laptop or computer required to get a screengrab of the image then pulling that photo into a photo-editing software if you needed to crop or alter the image in any way.

Next, you’d have to save it as a JPG or other format to make it suitable for uploading and displaying.

Finally, you’d be required to take the photo you’ve just captured, cropped and given a suitable file extension to and upload it to the servers of whatever website you were creating content for – a four- or five-step process that really adds up when you’re repeating that ritual thousands of times.

For instance, let’s say you ran a website about acne scars, and you had a list of related dot coms about acne that you wanted to review for your readers, but you didn’t want to have to perform those same procedures over and over again just to get a cool image to go along with your writing.

Well, without ever visiting, for example, you can use the free snippet of code that ShrinkTheWeb provides (once you set up a free account) in order to pull in a nice little cropped image of to go along with your blog post review. It’s a pretty quick and easy process that’s scalable for larger needs.

If you require larger photos or more features or a crazy amount of screenshots beyond the free 5,000-photo limit, there are paid plans to accommodate those needs.

There you go – another beautiful web deal on a tech service that is making a whole lot of webmasters lives easier.

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