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Shrimp boy Raymond Chow and his dream

Shrinp Boy's mentor and hero Norman Hsu
Shrinp Boy's mentor and hero Norman Hsu
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Raymond Chow has a dream. As a supporter of the Dream act he would like to enter mainstream
American life. Arriving in the country in 1976 at the tender age of sixteen after leaving Hong Kong he immediately showed a knack for doing work Americans won’t do. That work was as an enforcer for the Triad shaking down gambling dens and running prostitution rings.

While the money was good the risks in petty crime were great. By 1978 he found himself in prison for armed robbery with an eleven year sentence. After serving seven years his brief time on the streets earned him another three years for 28 counts of assault. It was after his release a true calling became apparent. While working for the local Triad in 1990 he was tasked with kidnapping a Yuan Yuen “Norman” Hsu. It seems “Norman” owed the Triad something in the neighborhood of one million dollars. It was more money than Chow had seen in his lifetime. Though the kidnapping was thwarted by the police Shrimp Boy was never charged. But the name Hsu stayed in his mind.

Shrimp boy witnessed “Norman” being charged with defrauding investors in 1992 and never even showing up in court. Four years later Mr. Hsu shows up again as a top Hillraiser (Raising in excess of one million for Hillary) while still on the lamb. Raymond Chow knew were his future would lie. Politics is where the real money and little risk to boot.

Raymond’s problem was he was currently serving a 23 year prison sentence for running a child prostitution ring. By turning snitch and agreeing to turn in his visa he was out by 2003. He soon was getting praises from progressives like Dianne Feinstein, and San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome. He became a regular fixture of the political scene.

That is where he met State Senator Leland Yee. Despite the fact he was still working for the FBI as a snitch Shrimp Boy knew with Yee’s pull and his connections he could help out the Triad. Senator Lee for a certain sum could provide the type of weapons envied by lesser gangs. Automatic rifles, assault weapons even shoulder fired weapons. Who would suspect the mild mannered anti gun zealot Leland Lee? Knowing he would have to act fast before even more of Lee’s anti second amendment bills became law and the price of his corruption soared Shrimp boy arranged a deal.

Unfortunately for Lee and Shrimp the FBI keeps tabs on the snitchers they pay and found out about the scheme. This in turn led to the arrest of both of them and the ends of the dreams of both Lee and Shrimp boy for the time being. Shrimp boy learned too late a valuable lesson in American politics and graft. It is alright to steal more tax dollars but it is not alright to help anyone in competition with the government to take money not earned.

Had he followed Harry Reid who enriches his family including his grandchildren, or Barrack Obama who enriches his supporters, even his wife’s Michelle’s old classmates. Had he followed this simple rule of corruption in American politics he would still be a hero in California politics. He might have even become a poster boy for the dream act.

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