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Shreveport, La's got Mudbug Madness!

Shreveport, La's got Mudbug Madness!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Every year, Shreveport, Louisiana has a Cajun party celebrating food, music and crafts, earning the frolicking reputation that North Louisiana has: Mudbug Madness! Mudbugs are what they call Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdads. I was happy to be hosted to experience it. Go ahead and circle next year's dates, which are HERE.

I went during the daytime, a sunshine-filled warm day. Music ranged from modern indie rock to zydeco, spread across several stages. There were -- to do a Southern fest proud -- pageant queens a' plenty.

But what's a fest without food? First, I went to see locally made crafts . . . which were food! I found some very travel-friendly items: potholders with Cajun recipes, a bread pudding seasoning mix. I have to figure out where that mix is!

Walking around and trying different Cajun delicacies, I can definitely recommend East Texas Corn Roasters. They fix up their roasted sweet corn with melted butter, Tony Cachee's Cajun seasoning, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice and mayo. It's rich, sweet, spicy, salty and savory at once! The texture is nice and roasted.

I love when a booth is staffed with family members. I always go up to the little ones and ask what they really like or dislike. So, the little girls at Natchitoches Meat Pies recommended I get their Crawfish Pie, if it had to be an either/or thing. Well, I was at the Mudbug Fest, so here's was my opportunity. They're mildly seasoned, like a turnover with crawfish. It has a lot of bell peppers in the mix.

I also really dug Lila Davis' Dirty Rice: it has beef, chicken livers, red peppers, lots of chives. It was herby! When I make dirty rice at home, I don't put in herbs, but I do add golden raisins, pecans, scallions, bacon and ground sausage, along with Creole seasoning.

For more info, check out Explore Louisiana North.

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