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Shred 415: High intensity workouts blast away calories

High intensity training works all the muscles of your body
Shred 415

If you’re looking for a high intensity workout that will blast away calories and keep your body burning fat long after you’re done exercising, then Shred 415 might be just what you’re looking for.

Shred 415 offers a workout that impacts your entire body with high intensity interval training. Although high intensity workouts aren’t new to Chicago, Shred 415 is leaving its mark on the second city. Each 60-minute class alternates between cardio work on treadmills and weightlifting. The idea behind the program is to keep your body moving for the entire hour so you get as much out of your workout as possible - interval training at its best.

Half of the class begins on the treadmill, where the speed and incline of the machine will continually vary. After that, they will switch and move to lifting weights, where they will complete strength training exercises that change every 30 seconds to a minute.

If the workout sounds intimidating, you should think twice before passing it up. Shred 415 says that it is for people of all athletic levels, and lets participants choose their own speed on the treadmill. What’s more, Shred 415 offers a very unique kind of workout. It is the only studio of its kind in the area, with secluded locations that offer small, private classes. Shred 415 wants its participants to be able to dedicate all of their focus to their exercise in order to keep their minds as equally engaged as their bodies.

To try out the class from a fitness enthusiast perspective, I sent over friend Cynthia Sassi visiting from Phoenix to try the class for herself. (I thought I needed an outside perspective to avoid a biased opinion... I love interval classes and knew I’d be excited about this type of training getting center stage.) Cynthia loved the intense workout. She said it had great music that helped pump her up for the exercises, while the instructors were engaged and energetic. She added that it was a challenging workout for people of all levels, but that there were always available modifications for each exercise so that everyone could workout at their preferred level. Finally, at the end of the workout, participants were able to make use of the studio’s great facilities, with showers, hair dryers, and even custom workout towels.

Shred 415 was created by Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer, who oversee two of Shred 415’s three locations. Shred 415 has three locations in Lincoln Park, Old Town, and the North Shore. For more information about Shred 415, please call (773) 360-8228 or visit

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