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Showtime Syrah released in honor of the King of Supercross


Victory in a bottle. Have you ever wondered what championship tastes like? Better yet, could that same gusto be bottled and delivered to your front door? For those that have wondered, your questions have been answered. For a limited time only, Highway 12 Vineyards presents the Jeremy McGrath Showtime Syrah.

The man, the myth, the legend. Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath, took the Supercross world by storm in the 1990’s. Throughout his illustrious career, he holds claim to 72 event victories, including seven National AMA Supercross Championships, two World Supercross Championships and one AMA Motocross Championship. He shattered records, dominated the track and was renowned for his tricks off the high jumps. The most famous of which was called the “Nac Nac” that eventually helped evolve the makings of freestyle motocross. Fans and media alike dubbed him the “King of Supercross” and he was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2003.

Wine + Supercross = Crazy deliciousness. There’s more to the thirst of motocross fans then swilling energy drinks and rocking out with hard liquor. The vineyard’s website boasts, “this aromatic and full bodied Sonoma Valley Syrah is being offered in celebration of Jeremy’s incredible career and his valuable contributions to Supercross and Motocross Racing. Dark berry, black cherry and plum flavors dominate the palate of this 2007 edition.” Did I mention it's a limited edition and they only made 600 bottles? Better order yours now. Cheers!