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Showtime Sports Acknowledges Bobby Gunn As BKB Champion of the World

Bobby Gunn receives grand acclimation from Showtime Sports
Bobby Gunn receives grand acclimation from Showtime Sports
Team Gunn

In any sport—regardless of the level you compete at—athletes work the grind day in and day at for one reason, to achieve the highest level of success; to be the best. For professional athletes it is all about winning championships and solidifying their legacies and place in history amongst the greatest to ever play the sport.
In boxing, from the first day a green boxer laces up the gloves, their aspirations are set on one day raising a title belt over their head, and being deemed champion of the world. Nowadays in the gloved sport, there are so many alphabet belts out there that pugilists of all levels have their names decorated through and other sites and it is hard to truly decipher who really is the best of the best.
But in bare knuckle boxing—gloved boxing’s sister sport and the fastest growing combat sport since mixed martial arts emerged onto the fight scene in the early 90’s—there is only one fighter who can claim fame to being the best amongst all the others who go to battle in the original form of combat, and that name is Bobby Gunn, the true undefeated and undisputed bare knuckle heavyweight champion of the world.
The former IBA Cruiserweight gloved champion of the world, Gunn, had his first BKB fight at the age of 13, and has since made his mark in the BKB world as the most skilled and talented fisticuff fighter. But unlike his counterparts who have only proven their talents on the underground scene in abandoned buildings, garages and such—where Gunn has held ‘street court’ several times and has prevailed—Gunn is the first and only to have participated in a sanctioned BKB match.
Last night Showtime 60 Minutes Sports portrayed an inside look at the secretive world of underground bare knuckle boxing, circled around its king Bobby Gunn, and acclaimed him as the true sanctioned heavyweight champion of the world.
Gunn and his team are in the works of putting together a second sanctioned show, with a date and location to be released shortly. This show will have a handful of bouts featuring fighters from around the world displaying their BKB talents.
Also within the next week Gunn and his team will be launching a new internet radio show in which he can connect with BKB fans around the world and provide them up-to-the-minute information about the latest BKB news, happenings, answer questions and more.
“Showtime did us such justice with how they portrayed bare knuckle boxing,” said Gunn. “So many people think of it as a brutal street fight, but it really is all about being scientific and picking your shots, and ultimately it is a lot safer than gloved boxing and MMA. Going forward with our sanctioned show people will see that. We appreciate all the ongoing support we have been getting, and hope that it continues on an international level so we can take the fight sports world by storm and make BKB a household name. I am anxious to get back in and defend my world heavyweight BKB title, and show the world that I still am the best at what I do.”
Stay in touch with all the latest news on Bobby Gunn and BKB by following Team Gunn on Twitter at @Real_Bobby_Gunn.

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