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Shows in danger of cancelation: ‘Community’ and ‘Super Fun Night’ among list

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
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Fans are not always given a heads-up on when their favorite TV show will be canceled. That’s why we love keeping up with Spoiler TV’s weekly prediction chart! On Thursday, Spoiler TV updated their predictions to feature the shows that are likely to be canceled, in danger of cancelation, and in the safe zone.

Another handy website to keep track of is TV by the Numbers, where ratings and scores are updated daily. While the list is created based on ratings, Spoiler TV reminds fans that it is not guaranteed, although the source has been correct several times. If you find your favorite show in the danger zone, it might just need to change its air time to increase ratings.

Programs with the lowest ratings include “Beauty and the Beast,” “Enlisted,” and “Carrie Diaries.” Those three have been in danger for some time, but remain on air. Also in the likely to be canceled list are “Dads,” “Dracula,” “Super Fun Night,” and “Community.” Rebel Wilson’s “Super Fun Night” has landed on this list since it debuted, I’m surprised is has come this far. The actress and production have already started to plan Season 2, but it has not been officially announced yet.

The second list features shows in danger, but not as bad as the above, and it includes, “The Tomorrow People,” “Revolution,” and “Hannibal.” Andy Samberg’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is also on the list, but it has been renewed for a second season. “The Goldbergs” and “Surviving Jack” landed in the danger zone as well.

Finally, the most popular shows include “The Big Bang Theory,” “Modern Family,” and “Scandal.” Renewed for another season, and also on the safe list are “2 Broke Girls,” “Criminal Minds,” and “New Girl.” Visit the source, Spoiler TV, for the complete list of shows in all three lists.