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Showing love with a Valentine’s pet

The bond between children and pets can last forever.

When we love someone we want to show them how much every chance we get. We want to make all their dreams come true and give them their every hearts’ desire.

So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may think about giving that special someone a pet. Your wife may have wanted a fluffy white kitten for her whole life. Your husband may go crazy over a new lab puppy like the one in the Budweiser commercial. Your children have been begging for a puppy or a kitten since Christmas without stop.

Is a pet a good idea? Does someone want one enough to take proper care of it? Do they have the time to brush that long haired beauty or run and play with an active Lab? Who will be available to make sure the pet can go out to potty? Who will be willing to clean up accidents when the animal can’t be taken care of in time? There are questions to ask before springing a new pet on an unsuspecting person.

Almost everyone loves small kittens and puppies. But, they require work to potty train and become appropriate pets for your home. Make sure someone has the time. There also is the cost involved of owning a pet. Even when they are young, healthy and a delight, they will still need spaying or neutering and shots. They should have decent food, toys, places to sleep, carriers, grooming supplies etc.

Well, now that you have examined these questions and answers honestly, you should be able to make a decision. Would the intended person really like a pet? Can they take care of one? Do they have time, patience and money to do it properly? Do they love animals? If all your answers are positive, you need to act quickly to have it all arranged by Valentine’s Day.

A shelter will require some information and often a home visit before the adoption is permanent. Hopefully, as the giver of this wonderful gift, are going to save an animal’s life and adopt a rescue pet. It may be time consuming searching out the closest pet to the ideal. There may need to be compromises made in the search. Then ask yourself one more question, does the recipient have enough love to possibly be happy with less than their ideal? If they have a soft heart and unending patience, a pet that needs them may be just the thing they would appreciate most.

If you decide a rescue pet will be the gift this year rather than candy or flowers, jewelry or lingerie, prepare the gift carefully. Most rescue pets come with up to date shots, are spayed or neutered, and may have a microchip for identification and safety. It would be great if you could also give enough proper food for a couple days, a blanket, toys, a leash or collar, litter and litter box and anything absolutely needed for the first day or two.

It is fun to be romantic or cute and present a pet with a basket or red bow and heart, but also let practicality be your guide. Provide what is needed.

Don’t forget to show your love by explaining any problems the pet might have or any limitations the new owner should know about. In order to share your love for a person make sure the well-being of the pet is a major consideration also.

The gift of love will be shared by both your special person and the pet as they learn to trust and love each other. Remember, a pet is a forever gift and not something you easily return if it doesn’t suit you.

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