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Showing Love to Your Children: Words of Praise

It’s Valentine’s Day! Luckily, your kids don’t have to get involved in the who-got-the-most-valentines (or the best valentines…or the biggest valentines…) at school…but they likely still want to celebrate a holiday that’s about love…and chocolate. How are you showing love to your children this Valentine’s Day? Think about waking them up to a surprise each morning in February: a message of love waiting on their doors!

First, cut out a bunch of hearts (remember learning how to cut out a heart for the first time when you were a kid? How fun was that?). You can cut as many as you like, and if you get carried away, well…it’s just more messages of love, right?

Next, write something that you love about your child on each of the hearts. You should do this for each of your children, and obviously you should try to keep them somewhat equal (though perfect equality probably isn’t necessary unless your children are the type to declare that you love the one who got more sprinkles on their cupcake more). Be creative, and notice the little things: “I love the way your eyes light up when you get a new book.” “I love how kind you are to your little brother.” “I love watching you play games with your sister.”

Finally, be creative about your delivery. You can stick them to your children’s bedroom doors for them to find when they wake up in the morning. You can put them in balloons. You can scatter them about the kitchen table so they will see them when they come in for breakfast. You can give them all to them at once, or you can stretch it out over a week or two at the beginning of February. Stretching it out continues the love, but it might get a bit boring—so save a few extras for Valentine’s Day itself.

Children whose love language is words of praise will benefit greatly from this demonstration, but all children will love knowing that their mom or dad loves them—and exactly why. Be sure to share what makes each of your children special. It will make them glow.

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