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Showing Love to your Children: Physical Touch

Physical touch is one of the hardest love tanks to fill in a different manner—especially with your kids. You hug your kids. You kiss their cheeks, and wrestle with them in the floor, and do all sorts of other things to touch them on a regular basis, because that’s what parents do. How are you going to make that something special for Valentine’s Day?

Kids whose love language is physical touch often have a secondary love language of quality time—that’s one thing to keep in mind, and several ideas are referenced in that article. On the other hand, they also need their primary love language to fill their love tanks. So: how should you go about it?

What about a special day with just you and your child (or children), snuggled up on the couch together? Pop some popcorn; make a batch of cookies; and put on a favorite movie. If you have a daughter, a fluffy romance movie (age-appropriate, of course) can be chosen with ease. On the other hand, if you have a son, that’s probably not going to be up his alley.

You can also consider taking an evening to wrestle on the floor (especially with a boy), or making time for a good, long hug. Studies have proven that a twenty-second hug releases all sorts of relaxing hormones, so it will benefit both you and your child. Or, make it a hug contest: see which of your children can make the most opportunities to hug you throughout the course of the day! Homeschooled kids are especially easy to do this with, since they’re at home all day. Be sneaky about it: run over and hug, then dart away again; sneak up behind them and hug them; catch them by surprise while they’re studying. Remember, the idea is to make your child feel loved—and to have fun while you’re doing it!

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