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Showing love for wolves

One-month old wolf cubs at Chinese zoo.
One-month old wolf cubs at Chinese zoo.
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Thanks to the efforts of many, a revolting piece of anti-wolf propaganda is now off the air.
More than 80,000 Defenders of Wildlife supporters flooded Animal Planet with letters of outrage at their airing of “Man- Eating Super Wolves.” Posing as a “documentary” the piece makes false and damaging claims about the dangers wolves pose to humans.

At least four re-airings of the show have been pulled from the Animal Planet schedule. In place of a lurid and wildly misleading promo for Man-Eating Super Wolves, Animal Planet’s home page now features a piece called “Ten Reasons to Love Wolves.”

“This would not have happened without the incredible support of the Defenders community and others who took the time on a holiday weekend to protest the show,” stated the organization’s president Jamie Rappaport Clark

In the meantime a fire crew battling a massive wild fire Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula rescued four abandoned wolf cubs, estimated to be about 2-weeks old. The cubs, three males and one female were discovered dehydrated and full of porcupine quills in a den near Kasilof.
“We actually cut through part of the den with the dozer and just kept going. Nobody realized anything, that was three or four days ago,” stated firefighter Brian Nichols. “Yesterday, a couple of guys were sitting there mopping up and saw one come out.”

The pups were in bad shape as two medics with the fire crew pulled some of the quills out, but didn’t feel comfortable pulling all of them out as many of the wounds had already abscessed.

“It was just like a holding a dog,” continued Nichols. “They were hungry and trying to suckle on anything. It was just like holding a puppy, they’re so young they don’t know any better.”
The firefighters ended up contacting the Fish and Game staff, which took the cubs to the Alaska Zoo for treatment, including feeding them milk replacer and antibiotics.

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