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"Showgirls" Offers Grindy 'Girls' and Lapdances & That's Before the Movie Begins

Peaches Christ celebrates 17 years of "Showgirls."

It’s been 17 years. Peaches Christ has screened “Showgirls,” the worst reviewed movie of all time, every summer for 17 years in San Francisco. Her annual summer midnight screenings may have been spread out through the year with Christ offering up different movies to every season. But one has remained the same: the god-awful “Showgirls.” Every year, Peaches Christ adds a new element to the screening and at 8pm on August 23 at the Castro Theatre will be no difference.

Peaches Christ has kept this show successful because she not only retains the elements of her pre-show that people like – the free lap dances with a large popcorn and the volcano dance – but she adds a new twist each year.

“This year the biggest difference is that we have Mahlae Balenciaga playing the Molly character and Lady Bear playing Henrietta Bazoom,,” says Christ, pointing out that in the seventeen years she’s done this show, this is the first time these characters will have a role in the pre-show. “We're also going to have our lighting guy Michael Blythe play Andrew Carver, the most hated character in ‘Showgirls’ history.” Another addition this year will be the inclusion of Christ’s sidekick, Martiny who is “already practicing her catsup moves!”

Not to completely out-do herself and this highly anticipated screening (which Christ has also done in New York and Portland), she’s made her own parody short film about the audition process, which was so well received, it was featured on HBO’s “Looking.” To whet your appetite, take a look at the short film at

Even though she has put on her show so many times, Christ actually admits she does watch it at home. At home though, Christ is all about the film – no private preshow in her own home, which means she won’t have her army of lap dancers offering themselves up to anyone who bought a large popcorn. Christ says she’s up to about “100 grinding ‘girls’ “ and says there are still some spots to fill. People can sign up at

To make the event a little different this year, people are invited to embrace their nerdish knowledge of the film by dressing up and competing to be the next "Goddess" know-it-all in the first ever "Showgirls Game Show!," complete with prizes

To get your $25 general admission ticket or the $50 VIP ticket (early preferred seating, 2 complimentary cocktails and an autographed signed program), go to

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