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Showers of springtime fun at Two Bostons

Ready for some more doggy fun?
Ready for some more doggy fun?
Two Bostons

As you are most likely aware, Two Bostons (TB) Pet Supply Stores are much more than simple pet stores where you can buy food and other fun pet products, they are a community organization that gets involved with matters that matter for both people and pets. They want to involve people and pets in the activities that draw the community together. That is why their slogan is: "Improving the Lives of People
and Pets."

To keep with their community action goals, Two Bostons has more activities on the horizon. They want to make certain that you mark your calendars ahead of time so that both you and Fido can be present!

The next Shower of Springtime Fun is scheduled for Saturday, March 2th from Noon until 1:30 p.m. at their 75th Street Springbrook Store location. It is a Turd Herding Contest. Yes, you heard it right….Turd Herding.

Never heard of such a dreadful thing? Well, it is high time you got acquainted as Two Bostons has some awesome prizes for you to win if you do. All you have to do is grab an official Two Bostons scooper and round up fake doodoo. Andy and AdreAnne and crew are certain that this will not even be a challenge for all of the great pet parents out there. They know you can totally DOO this thing! Plus, they want you to realize that it is “loads” of fun!

In order to get involved you have to sign up! You can DOO so at Get out there and scoop some fake poop and win big!

The next great event coming is scheduled for two days at two of the Two Bostons locations. The first of the two days is Saturday, April 12th at the Jefferson Street Downtown Store location. The second day is Sunday, April 13th at the 75th Street Springbrook Store. Both days you can take your pooch and get Pet Pictures with the EASTER BUNNY from Noon to 3:00 on both days at both locations.

Annually, TB partners up with A.D.O.P.T. for this fun event. The public is once again invited to participate. Get your pet photos taken, select a colorful plastic egg, and right in time for this special time of year, make donations to pets in need.

The colorful plastic egg giveaways may just be a treat for Fido or certain eggs may even contain a Golden Ticket for pet parents to use. The Golden Tickets produce a $50 Two Bostons Gift Certificate to get you and/or your pet some great pet products, dog food or treats. Whether or not you win, you will still be so “hoppy” you stopped by and so will Fido!

All you have to do now is mark your calendars and show up! Happy Springtime Fun for Two Bostons!

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